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Dream on. Sure, if I may.

Jiminy Cricket once said, “If you don’t have a dream, how can you have a dream come true?”.  Wise words from a talking cricket. I’m a dreamer. There, I said it. In a society which admires focused go getters and it’s the survival of the fittest, I have always tried to snap out of my dreamy moments and appear on the ball, pragmatic and realistic. I would certainly not own up to be a dreamer…until now, when a dream came true!

This little story is written whilst i quietly smile inside. It’s dedicated to my friend Annette who surprised me with how well she knows me and made a huge difference to my life because of it.

My school reports always said how i need to concentrate more. I was the child who would stare outside the classroom window and live little adventures in my head and then suddenly class would be over. I wasn’t like this with all subjects…just those that didn’t grip me. My adventures were far too exciting.

I find this still happens. I can’t help it. I get lost, and i enjoy it, flitting between the realms of dream world and reality. I never thought that this trait would ever serve me well.

Recently, I had a series of job interviews for a company I really wanted to work for. They asked for references. My friend, a successful professional who really lives from her heart agreed to be a personal referee for me. When asked about my bad traits, my friend reluctantly said that I was a dreamer. In hindsight that’s a pretty kind response but when she told me, I panicked. I thought, what employer would hire someone who didn’t appear strongly focused.

As one awaits their fate on “Who wants to be a millionaire” i stopped breathing for a few moments to listen to my friend relay back to me the employer’s reaction.  My future boss then said that’s the sort of person they are looking for. Jackpot. I guess the more i develop in my new role the more conceptual and creative I’ll need to be. I can do conceptual and creative. That’s where my mind naturally goes!

I’m not devoid of reality. I just have a vivid imagination that let’s me push the boundaries in trying to understand the world as i know it. I like to think, that as spices and herbs do wonders to an otherwise bland dish, my imagination adds more colour to my life. By no means my life is bland- my dreaminess puts a stop to that! It allows me to challenge the status quo and to examine a life outside the box.

For the first time, I’m happy being a dreamer. It’s my creative aid.

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