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Decisions, Decisions. Your Second Brain and How to Move Forward by Standing Still.

I was supposed to be shopping. Two glorious hours on Oxford Street in London before I met my mother and sister for a bite to eat. Somehow I found myself steering off course on to a side street and then further and further away from the shopping precinct. It was then, by a statue of Franklin Roosevelt in Grosvenor Square, that I stopped walking. I sat down on a stone step, sipped my coffee and looked around to see so many solitary people looking glazed into space. What were they thinking? Soon I became one of them. I fell prey to a mind that needs no encouragement to go to a place where it can chase it’s own tail. Then finally it takes one big chomp…..

We strive forwards. We migrate that way to achieve a goal or dream. Sometimes we take a step back to reflect and assess our current standing. A pulse check. Sometimes we need to tip toe backwards simply to learn the basics to conquer the bigger goals. A step back in order to go forward. More often than not, this is just a temporary step back.

What happens when your feet are stuck? You can’t move forwards, nor backwards, because you don’t know where you want to go. Your vision in the distance front and back is hazy. And what if your feet are stuck in different places – you have one foot and half of your heart in one place then your other foot and the other half of your aortic chamber in another? You’re forced to stop walking.

The safest thing to do is to stand still. This is not a bad thing.

I recently enjoyed morning tea with a truly fascinating family friend Simon. He teaches people to manipulate space and time in light of their personal and corporate decision making. By slowing down the time part and holding off from making a decision you actually tap into a kind of “flow” where you allow events to unfold naturally and answers to emerge when you’re ready to make the right decision. Sometimes it’s not the right time to make a decision and other things need to happen for you to be better placed to decide.

A natural concern to this school of thought is that whilst waiting, you potentially let opportunities slip past you. This is when intuition and gut feel must guide you. The more you ‘listen’ to your gut, the more refined your senses become. After all, modern science is comfortable with the concept that we have a second brain in our gut.  Your “gut brain” contains neurons and neurotransmitters just like those found in your skull brain. Just like your primary brain, your “gut brain” is also able to learn, remember, and produce emotion-based feelings.

So listen to your gut and attempt to de-clutter your mind of thoughts that hold you back which scream louder than the voice in your gut. Stop ‘moving’ every so often and let go of baggage that no longer serves you as this confounds your present judgement.  Sit in the eye of the storm, be still, and allow the flow to take you where ever you need to go.  Remember that blissful moment when the heavy rain finally stops and everything is clear, fresh and still. It’s in this stillness where you will find clarity. All your answers are there within you, they just surface at the right time, when you’re ready.

And then, you can take that step forward. Thanks Mr Roosevelt ol’ chap for pointing me in the right direction!



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