Delving deeper into life & happiness
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About Me

Me? I’m lots of things. If you ask me who I am, I can tell you, I’m a yogi, I teach other aspiring yogis, I’m a life coach, a lover of nature, a wife and a sister to many. I do bit of HR on the side because I enjoy fixing things and building and understanding systems. I’m constantly in (e)motion, that’s because my curious mind needs to take to me places, feeling what there is to be felt.

Curious Forager is where my mind comes out to play. I ponder, go deep and explore a wild monkey mind. My imagination is fiercely expansive and colourful. Some call me a dreamer. I’m always searching, foraging for things that make my heart sing. Unapologetically. If curious forager helps you ponder and contemplate the way of the world, then I’m glad to be of service.

If I could share one piece of wisdom, and it’s the only one I could share with you, it would be that life happens in response to what is inside of you. Everything you hear, see, smell, feel, taste is happening within your brain. You’re entire experience of reality is happening inside of you, from your point of view. How much of reality do you allow yourself to see? Dig deep, understand you – because that is the only way you will understand your inside reality, what your mind allows you to see, what drives you, what makes your heart truly sing and ultimately what is holding you back from designing the life you were born to live, effortlessly. Your quality of life is governed by the quality of your thoughts. Come on, lets jump inside and take a look.

Take charge of your life,  your older self will thank you.