Delving deeper into life & happiness
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Playful curiosity in a serious world

We all have a curious side to us and some of us search all our lives to indulge that curiosity. Some like to share the spoils of their foraging exploits, divulging all, even if the world is not ready for it. Others prefer to remain hidden, who confine their stories to the depths of their grey matter. Me, I’m on a continuous search for wisdom, a stillness of mind, things that challenge my thinking, and eureka moments. Here I share what I find.

The curious forager is a collection of stories and thoughts inspired by work, the yoga mat, relationships, conversations at the dining table and in my head at 3am. I share tidbits of curious contemplation, life wisdom, yoga and positive psychology.

If you find here a sweet nugget of wisdom that resonates or gets you closer to what you are searching for then I am wholeheartedly honoured to be of service.  Feel free to share the love with other curious hearts & minds.

The light in me honours the light in you. Stay magnificent.